1 Year. 1 Life. 1 Difference! Challenge #Accepted

So it looks like the Mayans had it all wrong then? I didn’t see the Polar caps melting and the seas rising up to claim back the land. I didn’t hear the volcanoes simultaneously erupting and destroying everything in their path. No – it wasn’t the end of the world, I guess we chalked it up to the Mayans running out of rock-space to carve the rest of their calendar, but whatever the reason, I think we can all be glad that they were wrong!

Me and the Babies at Fairhavens

2012 seemed to fly by, and I for one, definitely feel that there is still so much that I want to do before ‘the end’ eventually does come. I managed to tick off about 9 items on my bucket list, and Thanks to my supporters, we managed to contribute money towards The Domino Babies home: Fairhavens.

So 2013 should hopefully be, dare I say it, a ‘lucky’ year, since ‘we aren’t even supposed to be here’!  So I have a challenge for ALL of you this year.

The challenge… is to LIVE! Take a look back over the years, take a look at your dreams, your desires, your goals and take some time out to do something unexpected, something CHALLENGING…something full of LIFE!

Go on an adventure, change your pace, whatever, just get your blood pumping and your heart smiling…life is there for living, so get out and do some! If 2013 wasn’t meant to happen, you’ve got to do something different! So what’s on your ‘bucket list’, what scares you? what exhilarates you? Once you’ve figured that out, go do it! My bucket list adventures have given me just that, a zest for life. they are the crazy things that blow me away – and what motivates me to do these things? The remarkable truth is that the ultimate adventure, is making a difference! Whether that difference is building houses for hurricane survivors in the middle of the Artic Circle or giving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a starving child on the corner of your street, it doesn’t matter…what matters, is that either way you’re changing lives, and those changed lives, will change other lives!

The challenge…get out there and LIVE. To make a DIFFERENCE…What is your 2013 looking like?

Drop me a line on what you have planned, and if its nothing, then you better get cracking! 1 YEAR, 1 LIFE, 1 DIFFERENCE!

White Water Rafting


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