An awesome end to 2011 for Indlela

“We received a call from Durban Child Welfare in December. They like to use Fairhavens over the Christmas period for ‘emergencies’ and as two of our children were adopted in early December, we had some space that would be left open. Over the Christmas period we had two children abandoned with no place to stay that we accommodated – one was for one night, and one was for the weekend. It is tragic that this happens, but it was rewarding to know that we were there for the children and able to help.

As 2011 drew to a close, we were quite nervous of how our finances would end, and worked really hard to communicate and talk to companies whose year ends were in December. We were successful and money was received, so we presented the companies with their certificates  and worked hard in our own strength. However, a few days before Christmas, we realized that we would end the year R79 800 short and would miss our targets.

Christmas at IndlelaOn Christmas Eve, imagine our surprise when the bookkeeper phoned to tell us that R80 000 had been received into our bank for Fairhavens and a major Durban Shipping company had called asking for their Tax Receipt and Black Economic Empowerment letters.

Completely out of the blue and a surprise to us! God had answered our prayers at the 11th hour and exactly the right amount.

We were able to take a break between Christmas and New Year knowing that the work for 2011 had come to a close and He was watching over us.

Thank you all for your support and best wishes for 2012”

– Mickey Wilkins, Chairman of Indlela

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