The Stone Sentinel is beckoning…

‘The Stone Sentinel’ is beckoning… 6, 962 meters… 11 days to trek… -30 degrees at the summit… The 1st adventure of 2013 begins, today! Feb 1st and boy am I ready! Continuing my quest to conquer the Seven Summits, I move onto number 3 on my bucket list, Mount Aconcagua of South America. Standing 6,962m, […]

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1 Year. 1 Life. 1 Difference! Challenge #Accepted

So it looks like the Mayans had it all wrong then? I didn’t see the Polar caps melting and the seas rising up to claim back the land. I didn’t hear the volcanoes simultaneously erupting and destroying everything in their path. No – it wasn’t the end of the world, I guess we chalked it […]

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Things to Do this Christmas

Christmas. A time for giving, and blessing and having quality time with your family and loved ones. It’s this time of year that gets people feeling all ‘soft and fuzzy’ and wishing to give an extra helping hand or extend some goodwill towards fellow man. December is a magical time where children dream of Santa […]

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Week 1 of October Training

Marathon Madness Training Schedule

Like I said in my previous post: Marathon Madness (read it here) I will keep you updated on my progress/training schedule building up to race day. I have been training for the past few months, but will only post my weekly updates for the month of October. I started off with daily runs, slowly building up to […]

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ING NYC Marathon

Marathon Madness!

So the old saying goes, ‘all roads lead to Rome!’ But in the new millennium, a number of people have rephrased the statement to “All roads lead to America”! I’m not entirely sure if I agree with this statement but America is exactly where my next challenge takes me. I plan to conquer one of […]

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ING NYC Marathon

Still in Action!

Last Challenge Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus is behind me! It was an amazing experience getting to the saddle between the ‘twin peaks’. Although I didn’t summit Mt Elbrus, I am happy at reaching 5325m , but you can go read more about the enthralling climb in ‘The Russian Ascent’ Next Challenge It’s crazy to think […]

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The Mt. Elbrus Team

The Russian Ascent

Mount Elbrus – what an awesome sight! The Mountain With an altitude of 5642m, Mount Elbrus lives up to the title of the highest peak in Europe – one of the famed 7 Summits of the world! A dormant twin-peaked volcano situated in the central Caucasus Range, it rises up between the Black and Caspian […]

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The view I'll be seeing in one month's time.

Meet the Mt. Elbrus team

We have the official team for our Mount Elbrus expedition! Here are all the avid adventurers I’ll be summiting with …

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