Marathon Madness Training Schedule

Like I said in my previous post: Marathon Madness (read it here) I will keep you updated on my progress/training schedule building up to race day. I have been training for the past few months, but will only post my weekly updates for the month of October.

I started off with daily runs, slowly building up to 10km a day for 5 days a week, followed by a 21km run on Saturdays. This is half the distance of the completed marathon (42.6km) and I feel this has set me up for success!

It was difficult to get into the routine of running EVERYDAY, but eventually your body builds and adapts to the change, and now I feel ‘guilty’ if I miss a days training! I guess this is what they mean by ‘fitness being addictive’

But you can see for yourself in the graphs below. Keep the encouragement coming, I’m looking forward to November 4th and ticking off this item!

Week 4 of October Training

Final weeks training for October, same as previous routine, 10km x 5 days, and a 21km run on Sat.

Week 3 October Training

Week 3: Same as routine as previous weeks, 10km a day for 5 days, and 21km on Sat.

Week 2 of October Training

Same as previous weeks training. 10kms a day and a 21km run on Saturday

Week 1 of October Training

Week 1 of October Training, 10 Km’s a day for 5 days and 21 km’s every Saturday.

Thanks to Virgin Active for allowing me to track my progress online!


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