Meet the Mt. Elbrus team

We have the official team for our Mount Elbrus expedition! Here are all the avid adventurers I’ll be summiting with…

Rose Gardner

Rose GardnerDream World Adventures representative

Descended from 1820 Settler stock, I guess adventure ran through my veins before I even knew it… In 2006 when I climbed Kilimanjaro, the mountain bug truly sank its teeth in deeply and now mountains have become a drug like any other – only (and I hope you will agree), a ‘healthy’ addiction! Usually office bound at Dream World Adventures, dedicated to arranging memorable holidays for my clients, I get the chance to lead a team of adventurers and share my passion for the hills with them by journeying to Europe’s highest peak. See you there!

Erika SchwaebleErika Schwaeble

Home Executive

I am a 46 year old mother of four and need a yearly adventure to keep me sane! I am easygoing, like to laugh and explore, but hate steps!!! I think life is what you make of it and I want to make the most of mine while I’m still capable and fit enough. I have a long bucket list but am slowly working my way through it.

Christo Moller

Christo Moller

Yacht Master

I am originally from an agricultural background, finishing high school at an agricultural high school in Marlow in the Karoo. Since then I have been a traveler – always seeking out special places and things to do off the beaten track.

The last five years I have been living mostly on the water as a yacht master on different kinds of yachts in locations across the globe, including South Africa, America, the Mediterranean and Caribbean – combining the ocean life with inland and mountain trips every now and then. I’ve also sailed across the Atlantic five times in different directions. My passion is living, loving and enjoying life! My hobbies are nature, surfing, scuba diving, mountaineering and photography.

Marisa Caroto

Marisa Caroto

Admin Manager

I am 42 years old and love adventure and a good challenge! I want to do the 6 summits (won’t try Everest) before I’m 100!!! I try and do one big challenge per year and a few smaller ones just for fun. My husband and son think I am completely insane but do support me all the way. I am easygoing and try and see the funny side in every situation and I am good at encouraging others.

My motto in life: If you are going to go through the trouble of getting up in the morning you might as well make the most of the day! I’m very excited about our trip to Russia, looking forward to meeting everybody.

Heidi Marques

Heidi MarquesBookkeeper at a Law Firm

I have people saying that my name goes with climbing – Heidi of the mountains. I am at such a wonderful stage in my life where I can decide what I want and where I want to go. But sometimes I still let life dictate to me and I am inclined to put the needs of others before mine. Now, once a year I do something for me and me only. Some say I am crazy, but I am not doing it for them.

I like the challenge; yes it’s hard but is worth it. I could’ve decided to take a couple of weeks’ holiday on some exotic island, but what would I bring back, any major accomplishment? I am now classified as a veteran and that is the challenge…to do things that were easy 20 years ago and to do them by myself as the people in my life have chosen different challenges. For now, we only have one life and it’s this life.

Eldaline Botha

Eldaline Botha

Document Manager

My path crossed with Dream World Adventures way back in 2008, when I decided Kilimanjaro was a challenge and I love challenges! Once Kilimanjaro was done and dusted, Rose warned me about that mountain bug, but I took no notice, only to jump with excitement when I received an invitation to their inaugural Elbrus expedition in 2009. Although I wasn’t able to go along then, I did venture forth with the team last year and frustratingly was thwarted high up by the onset of a bout of asthma.

So, my goal not attained, I have a feeling 2012 will be my year! I asked Rose once: “When are you planning to do Aconcagua, because my “financial planner” (read husband), may need some info? I do the climbing, he does the paying. Nice arrangement. It works for me.” You will see I have an insane sense of humour – something of great value when the going gets tough on the mountain! (now when thinking about that statement maybe that that’s not quite true – I feel sane most of the time – I just see things a bit differently). Oh, and I can sing… Not well, but I do a great rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. I am willing to practice that on anybody, because my family are no longer taking calls from me on their birthday. Not sure why that is. The men in my life, husband Chris and sons Marshand and Tiaan keep me young and as manager of Allscan – a document management company, mountains are my way of getting away from it all!

Deborah DragoneDeborah Dragone

Student on sabbatical

Hi, my name is Deborah and I’m from Cape Town. I am passionate about animal rescue and the outdoors. If you ever can’t reach me it’s because I’m on a mountain somewhere! My magic is climbing mountains with my furry kids! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Finally, don’t forget that I will be climbing 5,642m to the summit of Mount Elbrus, all in the name of Indlela. Please support the cause and donate to Indlela today?


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  1. Natasha August 5, 2012 9:18 am #

    How did it go?! This is on my 2013 list

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