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The children performed traditional Zulu dances and songs to show their appreciation for the generosity of Integra Scores.

Indlela celebrates a bright beginning to the school year

The children at an Amaoti crèche had a bright start to the school year when Integra Scores, a BBBEE verification agency, threw them a party with all the delicious treats that children love as well as a generous donation of stationery to the value of R5,000.00 …

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Learning for Life boys and girls

January news from Indlela

It was a month of celebration at Fairhavens as our babies and toddlers got VIP treatment from Wow Wow parties over the festive season. Both kitchens are also up are running after a break for the holidays …

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Amaoti 3 Kitchen opening

A new kitchen for Amaoti feeding scheme

In February 2010, my brother, Jonathan Erskine, returned home from 20 years in the UK. He happened to do a tour of Indlela’s activities, both in the Durban North and Amaoti areas, and was struck by the difficult conditions a group of grannies were facing. What particularly struck him were the difficult conditions a group […]

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Indlela Feeding Programme

Indlela Feeding Programme – reaching out to the poor

Even though Indlela’s Fairhavens Babies Home is the cause that I feel most connected to, Indlela reaches out to the community in a multitude of ways, one of which is through their wonderful Feeding Programme. I thought I would share some background about this project which does so much good. Indlela’s Feeding Programme reaches out […]

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Indlela NPO

Indlela – Caring for our community

Indlela is my charity of choice, and not just because my heart is moved by the plight of vulnerable children. I thought I would provide some background on the good work that Indlela is doing in KwaZulu-Natal – the reason I’ve gotten behind their cause… The name ‘Indlela’ means ‘the way’ in isiZulu, and it […]

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