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ING NYC Marathon

Still in Action!

Last Challenge Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus is behind me! It was an amazing experience getting to the saddle between the ‘twin peaks’. Although I didn’t summit Mt Elbrus, I am happy at reaching 5325m , but you can go read more about the enthralling climb in ‘The Russian Ascent’ Next Challenge It’s crazy to think […]

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The view I'll be seeing in one month's time.

Meet the Mt. Elbrus team

We have the official team for our Mount Elbrus expedition! Here are all the avid adventurers I’ll be summiting with …

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Mount Elbus, the highest mountain in Europe

What’s next for 2012

So with the Great Wall of China, the Colliseum in Rome, Petra in Jordan, the Pyramids in Egypt, and now Machu Picchu under my belt, I’ve achieved 5 of the 7 Wonders of the World … what’s next?

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Donations to Fairhavens are always welcome.

February news from Indlela

A huge thank you to those who continue to donate blankets, nappies, toys, clothes and food parcels to our babies home. Special mention this month goes to Spar: Gateway for the large donation of nappies. Please note that the Fairhavens Monthly Grocery list can be found online for those intent to sponsor in this area …

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The children performed traditional Zulu dances and songs to show their appreciation for the generosity of Integra Scores.

Indlela celebrates a bright beginning to the school year

The children at an Amaoti crèche had a bright start to the school year when Integra Scores, a BBBEE verification agency, threw them a party with all the delicious treats that children love as well as a generous donation of stationery to the value of R5,000.00 …

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Learning for Life boys and girls

January news from Indlela

It was a month of celebration at Fairhavens as our babies and toddlers got VIP treatment from Wow Wow parties over the festive season. Both kitchens are also up are running after a break for the holidays …

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Potential Impact to B-BBEE scorecard through Indlela partnership

Indlela needs your help!

Indlela is mostly reliant on the generosity of businesses seeking to meet their CSI and BBBEE targets. Companies MUST achieve a BBBEE rating before the February financial year-end …

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Christmas at Indlela

An awesome end to 2011 for Indlela

“We received a call from Durban Child Welfare in December. They like to use Fairhavens over the Christmas period for ‘emergencies’ and as two of our children were adopted in early December, we had some space that would be left open. Over the Christmas period we had two children abandoned with no place to stay […]

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