The Advertiser: 1000km across Mongolia on horseback for charity

Paul Erskine | 1000km across Mongolia on horseback for charity







Published in The Advertiser, 06/05/2011


“GRAAFF-REINET – During August this year, Paul Erskine will ride the Mongol Derby – the longest horse race in the world, riding semi-wild Mongolian horses through wildest Asia – to raise money to feed orphaned children in South Africa.

He has just completed a rigorous training program at Perseverance horse stud in Graaff-Reinet, in preparation for the mammoth journey.

Paul has never done endurance riding before, but is determined to raise enough money to feed orphaned children at the Fairhaven babies home for a year.

He has always had a passion for extreme adventure and his desire for unique experiences is matched by what Mongolia has to offer. But his journey is made partly for another reason close to his heart – his humanitarian calling.

The hostile Mongolian landscape meets the challenge for any horseman wanting to test his physical and mental mettle against the hardiest opponent – nature itself.

The history of Mongolia adds another layer of adventure. Under Genghis Khan’s rule more than 800 years ago, a postal system was created to serve his empire, in which horsemen travelled thousands of miles across Asia, carrying his rule to the furthest corners of the land. They only stopped at nomadic horse homesteads along the way, where they would replenish themselves before selecting a fresh steed and continuing on their quest. Altogether, they boasted more than 300 000 horses – a display of ingenuity and wealth that helped form the greatest connected empire in history.

For 11 days during August, Paul will ride semi-wild horses borne of the same bloodline as those ancient steeds, while self-navigating his way across 1 000km of Mongolia, only stopping every 40km to accept the same nomadic hospitality as those ancient travelers.

By the end of the derby, Paul will be one of a small handful of people in the world who can say they’ve ridden in the footsteps of Genghis Khan.

Every rand donated towards Paul’s derby will go towards uplifting the lives of orphans from the Fairhaven babies home. He is available to tell his story and is free for speaking appointments when not training.”

IN TRAINING: Paul Erskine practicing at Perseverance horse stud in Graaff-Reinet for the rigorous Mongol Derby.


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  1. Kev Price Moor June 3, 2011 5:21 am #

    Howsit Paul hope training going well. would you like to come and ride with Craig and i in Underberg, give us a shout,riding this sunday Kev 0844911363

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