The Domino Foundation

Change a Life, Change a Community

Paul Erskine holds a youngster from Fairhavens Babies HomeThe Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that exists to meet the needs of the vulnerable and impoverished in communities. We believe in changing a life, changing a community, changing society … this is the Domino effect!

Paul Erskine’s Domino Effect: The history

“Paul Erskine first heard about The Domino Foudation’s Babies Home: Fairhavens from his brother Jono.  Jono and his wife were both actively involved in the work of Domino, with Jono helping to build schools and his wife helping with feeding hungry children in needy schools.

Paul expressed a desire to follow his passion, which was to help abandoned children, but needed to find a home with a good reputation and a history of good governance. Jono suggested that Paul should have a look at Fairhavens, one of the projects run by The Domino Foundation.

Paul met with Jenni Wallace, the founder and project leader of The Domino Foundation Babies Home, and spent time with the children at the Fairhavens House. As soon as Paul saw the home, things changed! His eyes lit up and he knew what his purpose in life was.”

– Mickey Wilkins, Chairman of The Domino Foundation

“The Domino Foundation will be with me for the rest of my life”

Paul Erskine holds two little girls at Fairhavens Babies HomePaul has been supporting The Domino Foundation and their Abandoned Babies Home ever since, and will be completing items off his bucket list to raise money for these orphans and their home.

It’s the ultimate race to make a difference.

“Everything about this race and doing it for The Domino Foundation is pushing me to get the most out of and give the most back in life.”

Domino Babies Home: Fairhavens House means a lot to Paul, and he is working towards not just completing the Mongol Derby for the sake of it, but for the sake of these children.

The Domino Foundation Babies Home

Our vision is to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for abandoned babies and toddlers. Our dream is to increase capacity by establishing further homes where abandoned babies and toddlers are restored to health and wholeness before being placed in a secure family unit.

• To create a loving and nurturing environment for restoration and wholeness
• To provide stimulation to support the early development of physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of babies and toddlers
• To facilitate placement of abandoned babies and toddlers into a loving family unit

Programme Scope
Located in Adelaide Tambo Drive (formerly Kensington Drive), Durban North, The Domino Foundation Babies Home (Fairhavens House) is a place of caring and love to orphaned and abandoned children. These children come from Kwazulu-Natal and surrounding areas and are placed in our care by Durban Child Welfare. Over the years, we have had close to 100 babies through our home, most of whom have been adopted by loving parents.